Concrete is often considered the most durable paving surface. Concrete driveways last 2-3 times longer than asphalt driveways. Without regular repairs and maintenance, concrete surfaces can cause injuries and accidents. This is why getting concrete services is just as important as paving services. Commercial concrete services cover everything from flatwork installation and catch basin repairs.

Catch Basin Repairs

When water gets into concrete surfaces it can damage the structural integrity of the pavement. For instance, when it rains, the water gets in between cracks in the concrete. During winter, the water freezes and later expands damaging the surface. If left unrepaired, the cracks continue to widen and can form large potholes. Such potholes create a negative image of your company or institution.

Getting commercial concrete services ensures that you enhance your organization’s image. It also helps ensure the safety of your workers, clients, and anyone coming to your institution. We install catch basins to drain any pooled water on your property.

Flatwork Installation

The installation of flatwork involves using concrete to form an even and flat surface. The flatwork consists of either aggregate rock or rebar to form a sub base. The sub-base helps strengthens the concrete surface. It also prevents wear and tear that may occur as the concrete surface ages.

Flatwork installations are perfect for sidewalks, driveways, and patios. Working with a commercial concrete company is the best way to conduct a flatwork installation. A concrete service company will create the best mix to ensure the best structural performance.

ADA Compliance

Creating accessibility for people with disabilities begins with installing ramps, and signs. If you are living in Oka Brook, Bensenville, or Itasca, being ADA compliant is key to meeting the needs of persons with disabilities.

To become ADA compliant, you don’t have to interrupt your business or traffic flow. Simply partner with a concrete service company. We will conduct the projects in different phases to facilitate the continual flow of traffic.

Paving and Sealcoating

Paving and seal coating of concrete surfaces enhances their aesthetic quality. Concrete as a choice for paving material is beneficial because of three main reasons.

Concrete seal coating is key to properly maintain your parking lot, driveway, and pavement. Sealcoating protects the concrete surface from elements such as de-icing chemicals.

Don’t Take Your Curbs for Granted

Curbs hold pavements together and help define the perimeter of a parking lot. The maintenance of curbs ensures better structural support to asphalt’s weakest point.

A commercial paving company will provide you with professional curb maintenance services. Such services are important in doing repairs. It is also important in modifying the established curbs to make them ADA compliant in places such as Naperville, Downers Grove, and Oak Brook.

Get Commercial Concrete Services Today

Concrete services are as important as paving services. A concrete surface requires regular maintenance and repairs. Similar to asphalt, concrete experiences wear and tear, and your ground needs to receive the best maintenance. Commercial concrete services will increase the value of your institution or property. It will also protect clients’ safety and creates a great first impression. Get commercial concrete services today.


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