At Maul Paving Inc., we understand that pavement maintenance is crucial for preserving your investment and enhancing your property’s curb appeal. Our commitment to quality doesn’t stop after paving; it extends to a comprehensive maintenance regimen that ensures the longevity and functionality of your asphalt parking lots, driveways, or roads.

Maintaining Your Asphalt with Pavement Maintenance

By providing sealcoating, crack repair, and line striping services, we help protect your parking lot from the natural degradation caused by weather, traffic, and chemicals.


Want to protect your asphalt against wear and tear?


Sealcoating is not just maintenance; it’s a vital investment in the longevity of your asphalt pavement. Exposure to the sun and environmental elements gradually depletes essential oils from the asphalt, leading to discoloration and fragility on the surface. Maul Paving Inc. applies premium sealcoating treatments that replenish these vital oils and establish a robust barrier against moisture, extreme temperatures, and chemical spills. This process preserves the asphalt’s aesthetic and enhances its resilience against the harsh Illinois weather.


Got alligator cracking? Worried about potholes developing?


Maul Paving Inc. provides essential services like asphalt crack filling and sealing, ensuring that parking lots and driveways throughout the greater Chicago area are maintained to the highest standards. Our specialized treatments extend the pavement’s lifespan and improve its aesthetic and operational quality, establishing Maul as the preferred provider for complete asphalt upkeep. Crack filling addresses less severe, non-structural issues by filling gaps to prevent water infiltration. In contrast, crack sealing involves more robust repair techniques for deeper structural cracks, enhancing durability.


Dealing with faded lines and accidents on your property?


Direction and clarity in parking areas are crucial for any business. Maul Paving Inc. ensures that your parking lot remains ADA-compliant with distinct, professional-looking striping. Whether opting for vibrant yellow or crisp white lines against a newly sealed blacktop, our striping services improve navigation, boost the overall look of your facility, and provide a welcoming environment for all visitors. This attention to detail promotes smoother traffic flow and a safer, more organized space for customers and employees in the greater Chicago area.


Ready to protect your Chicago area asphalt? Call Maul Paving Inc. for the latest pavement maintenance methods!

At Maul, we pride ourselves on delivering self-performed services, which allows us precise control over every aspect of the pavement maintenance process, from initial assessment to final touches. This hands-on approach guarantees that when you choose Maul, you receive the highest quality of service. It ensures your asphalt remains in prime condition, safeguarding both your bottom line and your business’s reputation.

With cost-effective pavement maintenance services, Maul delivers sturdy, enduring asphalt capable of withstanding Illinois’ changing weather conditions. Contact us to learn more!


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