*The 2020 sealcoating season is closing in a few weeks. Because the product will not bond below 50 degrees, the ideal timing is Memorial Day through Labor Day, with a continuation right up until the cold season starts that year. This advice is good year-round, but if you’re reading this now, consider reaching out and scheduling services, and reading on to learn how important sealcoating is.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to your asphalt: everyone starts somewhere, so we want to explain what Asphalt Sealcoating is – and stress just how essential it is for the longevity and protection of your parking lot.

Asphalt pavement is created from an aggregate of rock and gravel, held together by a binder, derived from crude oils. Sealcoat is an asphalt overlay, a protective surfactant liquid spray that’s applied to asphalt surfaces to restore this binder and delay asphalt deterioration. Formulas are typically coal tar based, a bituminous formulation applied by spray or squeegee, and it is truly key to keeping your lot in good health.

We’re sealcoating services contractors, so of course we’d stress the importance of pavement sealer. But when it comes to extending the life of your asphalt pavement and keeping it in good condition, there is no better method than asphalt sealer.

To be a parking lot owner is to battle against time and the elements, especially in Chicago. No parking lot is permanent, and these forces expedite the decay even further. A parking lot is constructed on a subbase, so when cracks form in your parking lot, it’s an opportunity for water to seep below that subbase, freeze, expand, and compromise the integrity of the surface further. As these cracks expand, potholes form, and problems only worsen.

The sealcoating emulsion forms a defensive barrier against the rain, snow and sun so they do less damage over time. Asphalt repairs help, but asphalt maintenance is much better. A strong pavement maintenance plan prevents those problems from forming in the first place. For this reason, you should plan to have sealcoating services done every 1-2 years.

Seal coat slows oxidation: pavement can become grey, brittle and cracked as it’s gradually bleached out by the sun. Sealcoating restores those vital oils and maintains asphalt softness, the deflective way it’s designed to be. Additionally, it protects your lot’s surface from fluids and leaks from cars, forming a protective layer against harmful vehicle runoff.

Sealcoating also protects more than your parking lot: it protects the people who access it. Asphalt is slick when wet, but seal coat contains additives that help prevent slippage. We follow the manufacturer’s specification on material content. With the proper mixture of sand and other additives, it helps add friction to material and reduces that slippery surface, which in turn helps reduce liability.

There’s also the aspect of presentation and impressions. Yellow on fresh black always pops and looks professional, but fresh striping after sealcoating is also ADA compliant. Our crews also perform crack filling, which is the next best service alternative and even more cost-effective. If you regularly crack-seal over the lifespan of the pavement, it will mitigate water penetration down to the subbase and prevent potholes from forming.

The most common misconception about sealcoating is that it is cheap repair: sadly, this is a false notion, as that’s what asphalt paving is for. It’s about preserving your parking lot, and protecting your investment: there is no time like the present

There are contractors in your area who will work with your budget and unique needs. For best results and availability, we recommend contacting asphalt sealcoating companies and having your asphalt sealed between Memorial Day through Labor Day. However, we are still enjoying warm temperatures to perform top quality jobs.

While we have a very wide window to sealcoat, the products will not bond below a winter threshold of 50 degrees and below. Please bear in mind that a sealcoat application must cure for 24 hours before the parking lot can be used again. For this reason, we perform many jobs in the evening to minimize disruption.

With the proper preventive maintenance plan, you can be sure that the life of your lot will be drastically extended, so seal the deal with Maul sealcoating services.


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