Sealcoating your driveway or parking lot is the best way to extend the life of the asphalt underneath it as well as improve the “curb appeal” of your property, thus saving you money in the long run. Without sealcoating, cracks can start to form in the asphalt, and this can eventually lead to potholes.

The benefits of sealcoating are:

• Reduces long term repair costs
• Accelerates the melting of snow and ice on the surfaces of pavements
• Provides protection from oxidation, oil and chemical spills on pavements
• Provides protection against water penetration, rain, frost and snow damage
• Improves the appearance of your building and surrounding landscape
• Prolongs pavement life, meaning that your investment is safe

Why Should You Sealcoat your Asphalt?

Sealcoating your asphalt parking lot or pavement can extend its life as well as reduce the costs you will have to spend on it over its lifetime. By sealcoating your asphalt surfaces before deterioration begins, you can also improve the look of your parking lot or driveway.

What is Asphalt?

Hot mix asphalt pavement protects the clay or dirt subbase beneath it from getting wet, and provides a smooth and safe surface for parking and driving. Being a by- product of the oil refining process, it is excellent as a waterproofing material in addition to being flexible and sticky.

However, like all things, asphalt deteriorates over time. The first sign of asphalt breaking down is when its color changes from black to gray, and small cracks start to form in its surface.

How Does Sealcoating Work?

Let’s take a closer look at how sealcoating protects asphalt from breaking down and saves you money.

1. Sealcoating prevents water damage

Sealer contains a fine aggregate that fills the tiny cracks that appear in asphalt when it starts to deteriorate. This prevents water from penetrating the surface of the asphalt and causing damage by eroding the subbase below it. By thus keeping water from penetrating to the layer of clay or dirt below its surface, you can ensure that your asphalt surface will last much longer.

2. Sealcoating slows down oxidative damage

Sealcoating slows down the oxidation of the asphalt binder that is contained within the asphalt. Oxidation results from exposure to the elements (ultra violet rays from the sun and air).

3. Provides a layer of protection against gasoline and oil spills

Contact with petroleum-based liquids, such as gasoline and oil, expose your asphalt to even more rapid deterioration. This is because asphalt is petroleum-based, meaning that it will soften if it comes into contact with other petroleum-based liquids.

The combined benefits of maintaining your asphalt by sealcoating it results in an extended lifecycle for your pavement.

When to Sealcoat?

By treating your parking lot or driveway to sealcoating applications regularly (once every 2 to 3 years), you can slow down the oxidation process of your asphalt surface significantly.

Sealcoating your asphalt, whether it’s a parking lot, driveway or other surface, can delay or even completely prevent its deterioration.

Sealcoating is the easiest, most cost-effective and least destructive way to take to protect your pavement.

How can MAUL save you money with sealcoating?

Your parking lot is most likely the most expensive investment you will have to make on your property. Saving money on asphalt surface maintenance thus gives you a much better return on investment.

Over a period of 15 years, research has shown that a properly maintained 10,000-square-foot parking lot can save its owner up to $120,000 when compared to parking lots that are not maintained.

MAUL sealcoating contractors help businesses and individuals save money, in addition to increasing their “curb appeal” by improving the aesthetics of their property — regardless of whether it’s for tenants, customers or homeowners.

By sealcoating your parking lot, driveway or other asphalt surface, MAUL can ensure that your asphalt always maintains that fresh, black, clean appearance.

MAUL will keep your appearance up and your costs down! So give us a call at 630.420.8765 or contact us by using our easy-to-use online contact form, or request a quote now.


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