Seal coating season nearing its end. If you have a broken parking lot, we’re going to sound like a broken record: here are some things to keep in mind as you schedule parking lot sealcoating and striping services.


Real talk: parking lot paving services go to waste without pavement sealer to lock it in. Pavement maintenance is an absolute must to protect your investment. An asphalt parking lot is durable, but with vehicle traffic and harsh Chicago elements, they gradually become worn down. As cracks begin to form, the freeze-thaw cycle takes hold: water seeps under the surface, freezes, expands, melts, and leaves potholes. We’ve seen it all over the decades: from mild potholes where the damage is only a square foot, to giant craters where the only option was to make an entire brand-new parking lot at a much higher cost than a preventive maintenance plan.

There’s an easy, intelligent way to incrementally protect the integrity of your parking lot: Sealcoating. By applying a protective liquid surfactant over your lot every 1-2 years, and maintaining that set schedule, you will drastically extend the life of your lot.

The same goes for concrete parking lots, which we can seal with a slightly different process: asphalt and concrete need to be preserved alike.

The time is now to schedule your service. It’s not an emergency, but it IS an urgency.


If it’s so important, why the rush to schedule your paving project?

A) As paving contractors, we want to ensure the utmost quality for all of our customers in our trademark timely manner

B) With Chicago winter coming up, there are only so many days in which our processes are actually possible. We can’t perform asphalt sealcoating in the rain, and beyond emergency patch work in the cold, we can’t perform asphalt repair in the winter: the mix won’t bond beneath 45 degrees. We’re highly skilled and asphalt paving is our passion, but sadly we’re not miracle workers. (If you know a weather wizard who can control rain and temperature, we’ll hire them). There’s still time to ensure these vital services, and who knows if we’ll have a warm November, but just a friendly reminder that the window will eventually close sooner than you’d think.


ADA compliance is more than the law: it’s the right thing to do by your customers, and a personal point of pride for Maul. Faded handicap striping violates Safe Harbor laws and makes it more difficult for your clients. Furthermore, when pavement surfaces are cracked or uneven, it creates liability and potential harm to the people and vehicles accessing your parking lot. At the very least you should perform crack sealing to prevent further trip hazards or extensive damage to your sub-base.

When you have clean and precise line striping, it also adds to that all-important thing so many of our clients are chasing:


Preservation is the priority, but who can argue with aesthetic benefits like these? Products like our Liquid Road high quality sealer gives a smooth black finish and takes care of your lot. Your average grayed out, crumbled parking lot has become bleached and brittle by UV Rays: asphalt sealer replenishes the look and the longevity of your lot.

Let it cure at least 24 hours, and it’s ready for winter, and for customers.

As the region’s foremost parking lot paving and sealcoating contractors, we’ll make short work of saving your lot (and saving you money). But like we said, the clock is ticking for your tarmac: get ready to call Maul.


When you join a tradition that’s changed the industry’s landscape for more than 30 years, your position demands hard-earned respect.



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