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If there’s words of advice we could reach back in time and give ourselves early on, it’s that paving for a retail company is quite different from paving residential driveways. When working with retail businesses, there’s a lot to consider: if your client has to close their doors, they lose valuable revenue. You have to design unique solutions and work around their hours of operation.

When you’re going to offer parking lot paving and seal coating services to retail companies in suburban hubs likes Oak Brook, Downers Grove, and Naperville, you’ve got to be prepared to get the job done with little to no interruptions. Here are a few tips.

Preserving Orderly Business Hours

When you’re paving for a retail company, whether it be parking lot seal coating or parking lot seal coating and striping, you must keep business running, as usual, no matter how big the job. It’s essential to work with the business owner beforehand to develop a plan that will work for the business, your staff, and the customers and clients that may require services.

Be Honest with the Client

You’ll want to take the time to sit down with your potential retail clients and explain to them what the job will entail in detail. This way, they can know precisely how long paving a parking lot will take, the process your company uses to complete the task, and how you can work together to keep their business up and running during paving.

Make Safety a Top Priority

Safety should be a priority for every paving job. Still, when it comes to commercial paving, companies must go above and beyond to ensure their team is safe, as well as the customers that are going in and out of the retail location.

Commercial paving services significantly contribute to a retail store’s aesthetics and should be done with care. Executing the proper design is essential, as it will enhance appearances and ultimately contribute to driving customers through the front door.

The building’s safety is crucial to consider as well. You’ll want to make sure your team takes great care when operating equipment and additional tools utilized in commercial paving services.

Know the Neighborhood

As a local commercial paving company, you should know the neighborhoods that you’re paving. Have a grasp regarding what they look like and typical business appearances. When you’re familiar with the community, whether it be Oak Brook or Bensenville, you can fully understand what you’re working with and what type of design plan the business owner probably expects before you even meet for a consultation.

Paving for a Retail Company

Paving for a retail company is a fantastic way to gain a great word of mouth reputation and show off the incredible work in which your company is capable. Knowing the location well, putting safety first, and ensuring that your work will not inconvenience the client, are all things to consider before you jump in with a retail paving job, whether it be your first or hundredth.

Stay professional and stick to an acceptable timeline, and you’ll find that the job will go off without a hitch.



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