When it comes to paving for a manufacturing company, it is quite different from paving residential parking lots and driveways. A manufacturing company has several operations that happen on a day-to-day basis, ones that should not be affected by the paving process.

A manufacturing company has employees who drive to work daily and require space to park their cars. The firm cannot halt its operations just because a pavement or parking lot is being constructed; it will lose valuable revenue.

Hence, paving a parking lot for such a company has to be done in bits to allow for such operations. This is just one of the many factors to consider when constructing a parking lot for a manufacturing company.

Likewise, a manufacturing company often receives huge semi-trucks, which load and offload either raw materials or final products from the company premises. Such trucks require a lot of space to operate, as compared to personal vehicles. Thus, they might pose obstacles to paving services going on in the company.

When offering commercial paving services and parking lot seal coating to manufacturing companies in suburban locations like Downers Grove, Bensenville, Itasca, Oak Brook and other Chicago suburbs, you must be ready to perform such services in bits to avoid obstruction. Below are a few tips.

Preserve the Company’s Day-to-Day Operation Hours

Whenever you are given the tender for paving a manufacturing company, be it a parking lot seal coating or a parking lot seal coating and striping, you have to ensure that the company’s day-to-day operations are running as usual, regardless of the intensity of the paving exercise.

The paving should be done within a mutually-agreed-upon timeline. The parking lot should never be closed down at any moment, to ensure that the staff and customers can access the premises without straining.

An effective way to do this is by collaborating with the management to develop a plan that will favor the company, its employees, and the clients who access the premises. Paving must not interfere with the important operations of the firm.

Provide Clear and Appropriate Markings

A parking lot should have clear markings to direct various employees and clients on where to park and where not to park. Since loading trucks are much bigger and wider than regular personal vehicles, their parking space should be marked wider than the normal vehicles.

Failure to mark their spaces puts much traffic pressure on entrances and parking lots. To ensure that these markings won’t fade away, it is important to apply seal coating to the parking lots and driveways. Sealcoating protects the asphalt, thus managing and maintaining the parking lot’s appearance.

Ensure Safety is a Top Priority

The safety of the team and the customers should be a priority for every paving job. Paving companies must ensure that their team is safe, as well as the clients moving in and out of the manufacturing company’s premises. The staff should wear safety gear whenever they are at the site.

To ensure that your parking lot meets the highest standards of pavement, with the seal coating services provided to maintain its quality, don’t hesitate to contact Maul.


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