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Healthcare facilities have different infrastructural needs when compared to others. Ask any hospital facility manager in Oak Brook, Downers Grove, Naperville, or any of the other Chicago suburbs and they will tell you that uninterrupted movement of vehicles is one of their primary objectives. The quality of the parking lot and its asphalt are not the first things that come to mind when one thinks of well-functioning healthcare facilities. But the right parking lot paving, and parking lot sealcoating play crucial roles in ensuring that much-needed ease of movement.

Emergency care centers, hospitals, medical centers, and nursing facilities, whether in Bensenville, Itasca, or Oak Brook, face a consistently high amount of traffic, of both pedestrians and vehicles. This puts extraordinary pressure on the asphalt on walkways, parking lots, and entrances. These are the same areas that need to be smooth for seamless movement without any obstructions.

The effects of poor maintenance

If the pavement is uneven or if the sidewalks have cracks, it can create problems while transporting patients. Ambulances need even, smooth surfaces or they may create problems for the patients and staff in them. It can also lead to serious problems for patients with disabilities. Along with patients, uneven pavements and cracked asphalt can also be potentially dangerous to the staff at the facilities. In other words, cracks in ramps and potholes on pavements are problems for everyone.

What to keep in mind while paving pavements at healthcare facilities


Parking lot sealcoating

For the heavy toll the parking lots at healthcare facilities take, they require regular inspection and maintenance. Sealcoating is a proven way to protect the asphalt and manage its appearance. It also acts as a safeguard against oxidization which can ruin the surface. Regular application of sealcoating also protects against cracking and prolongs the life of the asphalt.

Roadway striping

Patients and staff need to have clear directions for vehicular movement. For that, they should be able to see parking lot lines from inside their vehicles. Regular traffic and exposure to the elements can make the paint wear away. Therefore, it’s important to apply roadway striping once every two years.

Smart scheduling

A healthcare facility is unlike most facilities in the sense that it cannot be closed for repair and maintenance. This means that the parking lot and driveway maintenance project will have to be done with a mutually-agreed-upon timeline. The parking lot shouldn’t be shut down for a moment more than what’s necessary. That makes scheduling one of the most important parts of the project.

Ensuring access

People won’t stop needing healthcare services just because of parking lot maintenance. Ambulances and other vehicles will need constant access. Therefore, the team should do it section by section to keep some areas unobstructed. The facility manager should also convey the maintenance schedule to the ambulance drivers.

Focus on safety

Paving a parking lot can be a noisy and dusty affair. Since it’s a healthcare facility, the maintenance crew should strive to minimize the noise and the dust. They should also wear safety gear when they are at the site.

In healthcare facilities, no one can afford to waste a minute. Plus, to be ADA compliant and to avoid litigation and fines, they have to ensure that their facilities are top-grade and not prone to accidents. Regular inspection, maintenance, paving, and sealcoat application are some of the smartest ways in which a healthcare facility can prevent mishaps. Let Maul help you seal the deal.



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