Steve Montalto, Manager of Sealcoating Services, has seen and sealed it all. Let him tell you why you should sealcoat this summer.

Steve, why should people be sealcoating their parking lot?

Sealcoating is vitally important because it helps extend the life of asphalt. It slows oxidation: when pavement becomes grey and brittle, and cracks form, it’s because all of the oils are bleached out by the sun and elements over time. Sealcoating restores those vital oils in the asphalt to help maintain the softness of asphalt (which, not many people know, is playable and is made to handle deflection).

Sealcoat also protects your lot’s surface from fluids and leaks from cars, forming a protective barrier against the rain, snow and vehicle fluids that take their toll.

Are there any hidden benefits to sealcoating with Maul?

When you hire Maul, you get Maul. Our sealcoating and striping services are self-performed, which allows us to have more control over the job and our crews go into the project with a set expectation of delivering a high-quality finished product.

Another thing not many realize is that the sealcoat material contains additives that help prevent slippage: asphalt is slick when it’s wet. Anyone who’s played basketball on a blacktop driveway right after rain knows that. At Maul we follow the manufacturer’s specification on material content. What does this mean for you? It means that with the proper mixture of sand and other additives, it helps add friction to material and reduces that slippery surface, which in turn helps reduce liability.

First impressions are a big thing. Do looks matter?

There’s also the aspect of aesthetics. Yellow or white line lines on a freshly-sealed black lot always pops and looks professional. We all know Chicagoland has harsh winters. Sealcoating is absolutely essential and by having your lot completed in the spring, you will get the benefits of a well-maintained, fresh-looking lot all summer.

So, when should I call Maul to schedule?

While we have a very wide window to sealcoat, the application holds up best in warmer temperatures, particularly for a sealcoat job we execute at night.

For best results, we recommend scheduling sealcoating services between Memorial Day through Labor Day.Maul_Sealcoat_Blog_InteriorGraphic_1

Since sealcoating is so important, is there anything else I should be doing for my lot?

Our crews also crack-seal, which is really crucial. If you regularly crack-seal over lifespan of the pavement, it will help prevent water penetration down to the subbase and stop potholes from forming. Crack-sealing is the most cost-effective way to protect your investment.

Have you ever seen a lot that could have been saved if they stuck with a sealcoating schedule?

Oh, it’s common. I’ve been to relatively new lots that have become deteriorated because a proper maintenance plan was never put into place. I’ve seen old lots we’ve seal coated every other year for 10 years, and they look like new parking lots.

Most people don’t think about their pavement until it’s bad. That’s the most common misconception about sealcoating: that it’s cheap repair. It has nothing to do with repair. That’s what asphalt paving is for. Sealcoating is about protecting and preserving your parking lot.Maul_Sealcoat_Blog_InteriorGraphic_2

In most of the bad cases, companies spend large amounts of capital to get their lot paved, and then let it go by not sealcoating it. It’s all about protecting your investment.

It’s 100% preventative maintenance. When your lot’s gone, it’s gone. Our goal is to never let it get to that point.


When you join a tradition that’s changed the industry’s landscape for more than 30 years, your position demands hard-earned respect.



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