Crack seal is a pavement maintenance mainstay. Out of all asphalt services, this simple process can have great impact on the lifespan of your lot. Crack sealing is the technique – whether through a hot sealant, or rubberized sealant that stays flexible to move with the pavement – of closing up cracks to prevent water intrusion. Its benefits are manyfold.

Crack seal prolongs the longevity of your lot. The life of your asphalt hinges on asphalt maintenance, so getting an asphalt sealing contractor to combat the cracks is crucial. Asphalt surfaces are compromised by cold weather, extended exposure to UV rays, rain and other elements: asphalt pavement can become brittle and bleached of essential oils over time and begin to crack. When a crack opens up, it is absolutely critical to close it with crack sealants to prevent water from leeching in below the pavement surface. Water is your worst enemy, because it freezes, expands, then thaws and repeats, exacting a toll on your sub base and exponentially worsening existing damage.

For this reason, asphalt repair contractors are adept at quickly repairing cracks, because in fact, cracks can be active and expand over time for greater diameter and damage. When combined with sealcoating, crack sealing can be a life-saving prescription for your asphalt. Asphalt sealing companies can preserve while asphalt contractors can repair and replace – it’s wise to find a company who can expertly do both, like Maul can.

Crack sealing is the single most cost-effective way to preserve the integrity of your parking lot. The application may not always be pretty, but it’s pretty effective. When a crack forms, allowing it to cause further damage will only drain your resources further in the long run. It’s wise to make the small upfront investment now, to save thousands later. Crack seal can be supplemented with sealcoating product for maximum protection, postponing the need for asphalt paving services and curing within 24 hours. Crack filling also allows you to comply with your line striping: you don’t want any ADA fines on top of other damage.

Whether you need your asphalt driveway sealed or need sealcoating and asphalt for your whole commercial campus, Maul can seal the deal.


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