Like so many other big undertakings, commercial parking lot paving in a large city like Chicago comes with its own unique set of challenges. Not only do you have to contend with traffic congestion, but you also have to figure out the logistics for your customer parking while the work is getting done. A top parking lot paving contractor in Chicago, Maul has extensive experience paving lots for facilities such as hospitals that require 24/7 access. We know how to get a tough job done with minimal disruptions to your business.

Phasing out the work

In a large city like Chicago, parking can come at a premium. If your parking lot is shut down for repaving or repair, then you might potentially lose customers for your business, and your employees will struggle to find alternate parking for the duration of the work. This can be very disruptive for daily business.

As experienced paving contractors in Chicago, Maul always phases out the work so you never have to close your lot. We can work around your schedule to do most of the paving work while your business is closed. If we need to shut portions of the lot down to work for a period of time, an alternate parking plan complete with clear signage will help the process go smoother.
There will always be a Maul project manager at the site to help ensure that your business is not disrupted during the paving process.

Inevitable wear and tear

Because big cities are busy places, the reality is that parking lots have to withstand a lot of use. Particularly when it comes to parking lot paving in Chicago, understanding the freeze-thaw cycle is key.

Water is a parking lot’s public enemy no. 1. When it rains or snows, water can seeps into existing cracks in the pavement. The water then freezes, expands, and thaws, which can deepen cracks overtime and compromise the structural integrity of your parking lot. Given Chicago’s harsh winters, this process can happen over and over in one season. This is why potholes typically develop in late winter or early spring.

If cracks do begin to appear, they can be filled with a hot sealant to prevent water from entering and doing more damage. Don’t wait to get those cracks filled—call Maul as soon as they start to appear. For lots that have withstood more damage, Maul can potentially performing patching or apply an asphalt overlay. Another option is milling, a process of removing the top layer of asphalt and replacing it, which offers a significant cost and time savings over a full reconstruction of the lot.

Preventative maintenance is key

One parking lot paving service that Maul offers is sealcoating. This process lays down a protective surfactant that seals or stops these cracks in the first place, ultimately helping to prevent potholes. An added benefit of sealcoating is that it replenishes oils that guard against bleaching UV rays, which can make parking lots brittle over time. With sealcoating, your lot will stay looking good for longer so you can avoid some of the hassles of repaving the entire lot.

Maul brings to the table years of experience working in the demanding conditions of Chicago. We will build your lot the right way and work with you to keep it looking its best and functioning well for years to come.



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