First of all, you may be wondering, “What is cold milling?

When you remove the asphalt surfaces without having to repave them, this is the process of cold milling. When cold milling occurs, the affected layer/layers are removed in order to create a smooth and drivable road surface. Much like choosing the best hairstylist or nail tech, cold milling can be as little as just trimming up the edges as a form of cleanup, or a full chop to get rid of all the damage.

The only difference is, we work our magic on damaged roads. Our machines use dozens of carbide-tipped bits on an incredibly fast rotating drum. This is done in order to remove a specified thickness from the surface of the pavement.

Asphalt contractors are now able to remove and replace only a small portion of the asphalt pavement thanks to the invention of the milling machine. This brings several benefits. Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of cold milling.

Cold Milling Saves Money

Usually, asphalt pavements are roughly over four inches thick. When cold milling is used, only the top 1.5 or 3 inches of the pavement is completely removed. Then, it is replaced with brand-new asphalt.

Not only is this far easier and faster than a complete reconstruction, but it also helps to reduce costs by saving time as well as expensive materials. This is one of the main benefits that people find with asphalt milling.

Cold Milling Creates a New, Fresh Surface

Cold milling services are often used to create new, fresh surfaces. While a mill and overlay certainly isn’t the same as putting down brand-new pavement, it certainly looks just as good (and is a fraction of the price). In fact, replacing the surface of the pavement in your parking lot seriously revitalizes the curb appeal.

Realistically, in our eyes, there is nothing better than the look of new, fresh pavement. All asphalt milling companies will say that.

Cold Milling Corrects Drainage Issues

In some cases, a cold milling contractor is called to assist in drainage situations. Most of the time, cold milling services are used to remove pavement at variable depths in order to improve parking lot drainage. However, sometimes, exactly 2 inches of pavement is removed.

Better drainage is a fantastic way to remove the trouble that comes with asphalt’s biggest natural enemy, water.

Cold Milling Adds Strength

Even the greatest pavements with the strongest aggregate base and adequate thickness to support traffic will deteriorate eventually, starting from the surface. However, with asphalt milling services, it is fairly easy to remove the surface that has deteriorated and replace it with brand new asphalt.

It is the perfect way to add strength to your pavement without spending a whole lot of money.

Cold Milling is Environmentally Friendly

If all of the benefits above weren’t enough to seal the deal, cold milling services are completely environmentally friendly. This is because the rehabilitated pavement is able to be recycled. After being removed, it is placed inside a machine that grinds it up to create a new hot mix asphalt pavement.

This process drastically reduces the environmental impact that asphalt milling companies have while resurfacing.

The Bottom Line

Cold milling services are an investment. In fact, a reliable asphalt paving company will be able to guide you so that you know how to care for your pavement. Here at Maul, we strive to provide our customers with the best value for their money and the best service possible.

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