As the guardians of your ground, Maul is here to advise you on every possible advantage to protect your investment – and offer the commercial paving services to fix or prevent these problems.

Water You Doing?

Reason Number 1 you should sealcoat: because water is your worst enemy. As water trickles over the ground, it gradually causes micro-cracks that compromise the surface of your asphalt.

Then comes the freeze-thaw cycle we experience every winter (and Chicago spring). As snow melts, water seeps through existing cracks, and settles in beneath the pavement. And when the temperatures drop again, the water pooled beneath the surface freezes and expands, breaking up your asphalt from below – cracks expand, potholes form, and your lot is compromised.

To reverse it or help prevent it outright, we are the asphalt sealcoating contractors to call. We are great at performing asphalt repair and are experts in sealcoating asphalt.

Here Comes The Sun

Water isn’t the only element Sealcoating safeguards against.

Over time, direct sunlight can bleach pavement and strip protective oils. Sealcoating replenishes these surfactants and protects your lot from harmful UV rays.

As a premier commercial paving company, our years of experience make performing this process quick and painless, with minimal interruption: our record is sealing 3 million square foot of parking lot in 4 days. At Maul, we’re residential AND commercial, and will gladly come put down driveway sealer.

water damage asphalt


What the Truck

Heavy vehicles need to drive over asphalt surfaces. This is a fact and a necessity. But not all pavement surface is created equal: it can be problematic when large trucks repeatedly drive over asphalt overlay that hasn’t been properly installed, or drive over a weakened sub-base of an unsealed lot where potholes are lying in wait.

It’s essential to work with an expert asphalt pavement contractor.

At Maul, we assess any weak points and ensure proper installation. Maybe we even propose a redesign for heavy traffic or install heartier asphalt in truck bays. We will work 24 hours to customize a solution for you.

Sealcoating Asphalt


Seal The Deal

We see it happen time and time again with people who haven’t worked with Maul: they schedule paving services, but don’t schedule a crew to come back to apply asphalt sealer. You wouldn’t buy a phone without a phone case, or get your teeth cleaned and never floss again (okay, so we’re guilty of that too, but the point stands, right?)

It is absolutely critical to get your asphalt sealed. Sealcoating and crack-sealing are the number one ways to extend the life of your lot. It is the surefire way to protect your investment.

Keep Your Tarmac On Time

At the same time, a major hurdle to this vital preventive maintenance can simply be scheduling services in the first place. It’s hard running a business: allocating budgets, making calls, and so many other responsibilities. But while you’re overextended, there are long periods of time where a lot might go neglected through snow and rain and damage.

That’s where Maul steps in as your single point of contact. We design a maintenance program directly for you. We work to fit your budget and your needs. Not only are we cost effective: we are effective, period.

Contact a Maul representative to schedule services today: we care about people, and we care about pavement.


When you join a tradition that’s changed the industry’s landscape for more than 30 years, your position demands hard-earned respect.



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