We treat our clients like family, and that means always doing what’s best for them.

Riverbrook West is a residential property with 101 units, and 22 buildings, with a 4-phase project to overhaul their facility.

When the scope presented by another company was not executed to the client’s satisfaction, they called in Maul based on our work in Settler’s Ridge in Sugar Grove.

Nathan Hart, the Community Association Manager, remembers how Chris Maul himself came out to looked at the property: “Right off the bat, he cautioned against crack-seal: we needed to dig out shared driveways and replace them, but he also stated that the original scope called for too much asphalt.”

The job just didn’t call for 10-inch – the original scope was not designed for the average weights of the residents’ vehicles. And when it comes time to do the job, you have to put down quality materials. It didn’t feel right, and we shared our concerns.

“Initially I just thought, ‘who are you?’ but when they came back with ‘that didn’t make sense, and here’s why. We’ll give you the scope you need, but we’ll give you it at a lower cost.’”

At Maul, we are not contractors: we are our clients’ paving partners. And that means never being dishonest yes-men. If there’s a service a client could benefit from, or a better way to serve their needs, we’re not afraid to respectfully speak up.

“I appreciated their confidence in challenging us, and then being able to deliver on that.”

The initial proposal was in April, the signing on May 30th, and it was all executed in two days before June 15th. A quick turnaround is what our clients deserve.

“Every year prior, we’d had issues with parking and crews. There were none with Maul. The crew was knowledgeable, cleaned up after themselves, and they never missed. Everything was immaculate and where it needed to be.”

That’s how we roll: smooth execution, no complaints. We pulled off the 2 driveway extensions – 10,901 sq ft, 42,900 sq ft respectively – in record time, and residents enjoyed black driveways all summer long. The client was so pleased with our partnership, that we came back and sealcoated this year.



“My board doesn’t offer praise lightly. When I actually asked them about re-hiring Maul again this year, they actually said, ‘don’t even bother with extra proposals. Just tell us the cost.’ We trust Maul implicitly. They’re the ones we favor. I recommend them to anyone who asks me.”

Trust is the number one priority for Maul. For our clients, for our family, we’ll always bring it home.


When you join a tradition that’s changed the industry’s landscape for more than 30 years, your position demands hard-earned respect.



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