Proper parking is essential for a number of reasons, from aesthetics to accessibility.

Your parking lot is your business’ first impression: if your lot’s run down, cracked and unclear where to park, you automatically lose valuable credibility. Parking lot sealcoating and striping can make a key difference in how you’re perceived, and a big impact in your bottom line.

Before we can get your lot the look it deserves, we need a paving project to get it up to code and ensure its longevity. First, we’ll need to create a level surface that will reduce standing water, a dire hazard to the health of your asphalt parking lot. Water based damage is the primary threat to your subbase, as the freeze/thaw cycle compromises the layers of your lot to cause cracks and potholes.

After we complete asphalt service, sealcoating parking lots is what we do. This replenishes oils, protects your lot from prolonged exposure to UV rays, and seals pavement surfaces from the brittle cracks that allow water to pass

Parking areas can be an unexpectedly hazardous place. As parking lot lines control traffic, pavement markings must be precisely measured and spaced: all parking stalls must be even to guarantee the best experience and safety measures. When a parking space is adjacent to a sidewalk or landscaped surface off the asphalt pavement, a parking block is a necessity. We have the asphalt and concrete expertise to make jobs like that a piece of cake.

It’s about more than just ADA compliance. It’s not just because it’s the right thing to do for your fellow Americans with disabilities: it’s a liability, and a fine. Signage can also be critical for safety: a pedestrian crossing, or other key sign can save someone from serious injury or worse.

After we stripe, it’s crucial to keep up parking lot maintenance with continued asphalt sealcoating: as your commercial paving partner, we’ll come back every 1-2 years to redo your striping to ensure optimal pavement maintenance.

From parking lot paving services to sealcoating and concrete, Maul will get your lot looking good and stay that way for a long time to come.


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