At Maul, we consider ourselves masters of asphalt. Whether you’re making a fresh start or maintaining your current lot, Maul has the tools and expertise to give your ground a look that lasts.

For us, it’s not just about getting a job done: it’s about getting it right.

It’s why we certify all of our materials, and deploy them with care.
Why we have multiple crews and equipment setups to give your ground the Repsect it deserves.

Maybe potholes and surface cracking have left you in need of Removal and Replacement: no problem. We’ll remove the failed area, stabilize the gravel sub-base, and install a new binder and surface-course material.


Maybe you just need some Resurfacing: we’ll install a new layer of asphalt across the entire lot, so it looks good as new. Sometimes you don’t have deep base issues, and a job calls for a more cost-effective alternative to new asphalt: Cold Milling.

Cold Milling removes only the failed surface of the asphalt, salvaging the layer underneath. This saves time, cuts back on waste, and allows car traffic for much of the process. Not only is it more friendly to your budget, but good for the natural world as well (and it can add 10-15 years to the life of your lot).

We’ll even tackle New Asphalt Installation, taking your undeveloped land, and transforming it into a lot, revealing the attractive and functional potential beneath the surface.

And we’ll be there as a paving partner for the life of your lot. Because asphalt is a lot like your skin: you need to take care of it. If you don’t moisturize, your skin will crack. Don’t worry: if your lot is shot, the titans of the tarmac will take care of you.


When you join a tradition that’s changed the industry’s landscape for more than 30 years, your position demands hard-earned respect.



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