When it comes to our Respect for clients, the lifespans of our lots, and the quality of our work, Maul maintains across the board. That’s just what we proved with our work with Cress Creek Country Club.

“Anytime we make a big decision for the club, we like to get 3 or 4 quotes for comparison,” explains Jimmy Dziekan, General Manager of Cress Creek. “Maul was there within the afternoon with a great explanation of turnaround time, and a competitive quote.”

Maul works hard to make the process as fast as the pave itself. At Maul, we believe in integrity: not only in our work, but in who we are. Everyone at Maul is always upfront and honest with our customers – we guide them through the process, and never upsell the customer a service they don’t need. While Jimmy and Cress Creek had never worked with Maul before, our expertise put them at ease.

“From the time we met and walked with them, they were honest and upfront about what they’d do,” agrees Jimmy.

“They showed us the timeline, and warned us what would be a waste of our time and money. We were referred to Maul from a member, and a few members in construction or architecture had given us 2 quotes online, but we realized Maul was the best company.”

After the quote, came the work. At Maul, there’s a plan to every pave. Maul did a complete mill and pave of the parking lot, totaling 90,000 sq ft, and we gave it Respect in record time. Maul has had 30 years of practicing our short game: completing a paving contract in the shortest amount of time, that is.

Maul makes sure you don’t have to close your business. The time you’d lose otherwise is too valuable, and it’s a hidden cost of other paving companies. The plan allowed members to come and go easily while Maul worked. The club was able to relax in the pool, and rest easily knowing they were getting the Respect they deserved. Lastly, we striped the lot as a finishing touch.

The whole job was done in 72 hours. The client couldn’t believe how fast it was finished.

After the work was done, Maul discussed a maintenance plan.

To preserve the longevity of a lot, Maul has to be back a year after installation to sealcoat and stripe, and every 1-2 years after that, to ensure the safety and preservation of the client’s investment.

“If we do the regular pavement checkups, the lot can even last for years with the proper upkeep. They were very pleasant describing that, too,” Jimmy smiles.

If any members were skeptical of the investment, a first impression from Maul changed their minds.

“We couldn’t be happier with the lot,” laughs Jimmy. “When you’re on the board of directors, you look at things as a liability, but the peace of mind Maul’s given us is great.” Safety is always on our mind. Customers should have a good, clean lot to come to every day.

The look of the lot is perfect.”

Like we do for every client, Maul went above and beyond to ensure Cress Creek got the Respect it deserved.


When you join a tradition that’s changed the industry’s landscape for more than 30 years, your position demands hard-earned respect.



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