Steve Montalto is the real deal.

Steve knows better than anyone that hard work pays off: he started at Maul from humble beginnings at the ground level.

“Maul is just a super loyal company – loyal to their customer, and loyal to us. It’s part of their culture. That always stands out to me.”



Through hard work and grit, he rose through the ranks to become the Sealcoating Superintendent, and at 31 he still feels the same way he did that first summer. “I’m never stuck at a warehouse staring at a wall or punching the keys: I’m enjoying a different location every day.”

Even after all these years, Steve still loves working outside.

“I’m getting paid to get tan and stay fit” he laughs with his trademark mix of humble humor.

It’s what sets him apart, and what wins him the hearts of everyone who knows him.

“My wife is my rock,” he smiles. Stephanie, a sales rep for State Farm who also manages a church office, is a living example of Steve’s love and devotion for the long haul. Their friendship evolved after high school, and they’ve spent 15 happy years together.

“My family gets me up in the morning.” It’s important above all else to Steve that he sets a good example for his 4 boys: as father to a 14, 11, 10, and 5 year-old, he lives by the motto:

“Get your hands dirty to make things happen.”

And alongside his other family, the band of brothers on the Sealcoat teams, that’s exactly what Steve does.

At 6:30 am, they load up all the trucks, prep and clean the equipment, load up the materials, and roll out to the 2 or 3 concurrent jobs that day. And when they tackle the “surprise” jobs that come up around 2:30pm, Steve works hard to keep it fair: “I know that if John worked a double night shift, I’ll tag in instead”.

Steve’s proudest accomplishment in his time in charge of the Sealcoat team? When they pulled off a 1.6 million sq ft project – in one day. With the entire 3 crews all on a single job, in 90 degree heat, Steve spurred on the team from 6am to midnight – when they ran out of material with just a little stretch of unsealed lot left.

“I turned to the boys, and we all agreed without having to say anything: we’re gonna finish the job.”

So they made the 40 minute drive all the way back to headquarters to get more seal, got back at 2:30am, and slept better for it.

There are so many other jobs with the same stamp of quality under his belt. Because to Steve, the true purpose is to seal the deal for what matters most in life.

“I think of Edward Elmhurst Hospital as an example of our best work,” Steve states. “We used top-notch product, and the best sealing application methods. It was important to me that the job was phenomenal. I take my kids to that hospital when they’re sick. And when I do, I can show them – I did that.”



When you join a tradition that’s changed the industry’s landscape for more than 30 years, your position demands hard-earned respect.



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