On a scale of one to ten, how would your rate your commercial property’s external appearance? Is the building welcoming? Does is look well-maintained? Are you proud when you drive in and park each day?

While most commercial building owners don’t think much of it, curb appeal extends well beyond residential properties. It’s equally, if not more important, for commercial buildings to look nice.

You want employees and customers to have a great first impression of your business. One of the first things people see is your property’s exterior, to include the appearance of parking lots and walkways.

Having a well-maintained exterior shows pride of ownership.

If your parking lot or walkway is due (or overdue) for some TLC, now is the time to consider commercial paving services. Here are some advantages to consider and why Maul Asphalt is the best paving contractor for your needs.

Asphalt is Extremely Durable

Have you noticed more asphalt surfaces in your area? Asphalt is extremely versatile and can be used for all different types of applications, including parking lots, roadways, curbs, and driveways.

If your commercial property receives routine deliveries, asphalt is the best surface material. When laid properly, asphalt is durable and flexible enough to withstand all sorts of traffic, including heavy tractor-trailers.

Asphalt is also beneficial in that it can survive temperature fluctuations throughout the seasons. Unlike concrete, asphalt can withstand the constant expanding and contracting due to freeze/thaw cycles.

Asphalt is Low Maintenance

With periodic maintenance, asphalt can last for many, many years. Over time, small cracks may appear. These cracks turn gray and are noticeable on the rich black color of undamaged asphalt.

The good news is that these cracks can be easily fixed by applying a sealcoat on the surface. This protective coating seals cracks and keeps them getting bigger.

Larger cracks and potholes should be filled before applying the sealcoat.

If done every few years, sealcoating can extend the life of any asphalt surface. Asphalt sealcoating also restores the asphalt back to its original color and appearance.

For older asphalt surfaces, asphalt resurfacing may be needed. This involves removing the top layer and then reinforcing the underlying layers. A new layer of asphalt is laid. The coolest part is that the removed asphalt is then recycled! This is a huge perk if your company values eco-friendliness.

Improved Surface Safety

Blacktop paving improves your commercial property’s safety. Asphalt is beneficial in that it:

As a business owner, it’s vital to provide a safe environment for anyone who may use your parking lot or walkways. With commercial asphalt paving, you can have greater peace of mind.

Boost Property Value

Another great perk of asphalt paving is increased property value. Most exterior improvements to a commercial property will increase value.

This is especially important if you’re looking to lease or sell the property in the future. Having newly laid asphalt improves curb appeal while also improving employee and customer satisfaction.

Choose Maul Asphalt for Commercial Paving Services

Maul Asphalt knows the importance of a strong first impression, which is why we offer professional asphalt paving and sealcoating services. We’re proud to serve businesses of all sizes.

Our mission? To improve the ground one square foot at a time. Give your commercial property the care and respect it deserves with services from Maul Asphalt. There’s a reason why we’re the unparalleled choice in our industry.

Contact us today to schedule an estimate for your blacktop paving or sealcoating project.


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