When working on a construction project, your choice of materials is crucial. Both asphalt and concrete pavements are ideal for different projects in commercial and residential properties.

The decision of whether to use concrete or asphalt for a paving project depends on various factors. Here are the differences between the two to help paving service providers decide the best material for their next project.

Concrete is More Expensive Than Asphalt

It costs roughly 45%-50% more to install concrete services compared to asphalt paving.

However, although asphalt is cheaper, it requires constant maintenance as opposed to concrete. Therefore, even though the initial cost of installation of concrete is high, in the long run, it is cost-effective.

You Can Choose Different Concrete Designs and Appearance

If you’re looking for a construction material that’ll improve the curb appeal of your home, go for concrete. Most homeowners find a concrete driveway more aesthetically pleasing than an asphalt one.

Concrete offers flexible designs and appearance choices, making it a desired paving option. Also, it naturally comes with a sophisticated grey look. However, concrete paving differs from asphalt to tinting, etching, staining, coloring, and stamping.

Asphalt is known for its dark-textured look, though the color limit option is grey or black. But, unlike concrete paving, asphalt does not take well to coloring, stamping, tinting, or etching.

Both materials are likely to change in appearance over time. The concrete surface may darken or lighten depending on the environment in which they are put in and the specific makeup of the concrete mix. Likewise, exposure to the elements can cause an asphalt surface to rust and fade away.

You’ll Need Simple Tools to Install Asphalt

Asphalt paving services require simple tools like rakes, lutes, rollers, blowers, and asphalt shovels.

On the other hand, concrete paving requires more sophisticated tools like a Probst block splitter, stroke brick saw, vibrating plate compactor, among others.

Concrete is More Durable

concrete parking lot

Asphalt paving has a lifespan of up to twenty years. It becomes sticky in hot weather and is likely to crack when temperatures drop. But it’s easy to repair asphalt.

Concrete can last for more than forty years. However, although more durable, the materials are costlier and hard to repair when damaged.

It also cracks and buckles in cold temperatures, but concrete sealing will make it long-lasting over time. It is, therefore, crucial to consider the climate around the project when choosing the best paving material.

If your concrete pavement has cracked, search for ‘concrete sealing near me’ to find a seal coating contractor near you.

Asphalt is Easy to Install and Cures Quickly

Asphalt is easier to work with, making it more superior to concrete for various paving projects. Also, it takes less time to install than it’d take when using concrete.

Moreover, though both paving materials don’t cure immediately, concrete may take several days, while asphalt can take only a few hours.

Environmental Friendliness

Concrete is environmentally friendly since it’s recyclable. It also lasts long, thus reducing waste and resources used. However, restoring concrete is not possible. It has to be pulled away and disposed of in a special location or facility.

The asphalt paving material is easy to recycle. You can grind the old asphalt up and use it again. But it is a by-product of petroleum distillation and produces harmful gases while heated due to bitumen binders.

Professional Asphalt and Concrete Contractors Near Me

When looking for paving materials, consider factors such as durability, design and appearance, as well as the effect of the material on the environment.

Hiring for asphalt and concrete services from qualified contractors is essential. They’ll not only install the project but also advise on the best materials to use.
At Maul, we have the expertise and tools to make your asphalt or concrete paving look better than you could imagine. Whether you want to install a new one, maintain or crack-seal your asphalt paving, talk to us. We’ll ensure you get the highest returns on investment.


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