We’ve seen a lot of lots over the years. As a commercial paving company with over 30 years of experience, asphalt service and sealcoating parking lots are our specialty. These are our top 3 immediate signs to let you know it’s time to put down some asphalt sealcoating and protect your investment.

Is your lot shot?

Simply put, the key to a healthy parking lot is preventive maintenance. Just like you would schedule a checkup at the doctor, you should perform blacktop sealcoating every two years in order to stop problems before they’re problems. Parking lot paving service is your best friend.

If you have potholes, it’s gone too long. Not only are potholes a hazard to cars and pedestrians, but they could also mean the sub-base is compromised elsewhere. We need to patch them with a process like cold milling where we remove the affected area, or we need to repave the entire surface and come back to seal it up.

Examine the cracks. When it comes to parking lots, water is public enemy number 1. Don’t give it a chance to seep below the surface and damage your sub-base, especially if your cracks are larger than ¼ inch. We’ll come do some crack filling and perform sealcoating after essential repairs.

Also, examine your line striping. Every business needs direction. For the safety of your customers and employees, it’s important that your lot stays ADA-compliant with visible striping. It will improve traffic flow and ensure an accommodating experience for everyone who visits.

Is your lot faded?

Parking lot sealcoating and striping is about more than wiping out oil spots and attractive black asphalt surfaces. First impressions are essential, but a faded parking lot could also mean danger for your investment. It means the protective surfactant is dissipated and UV rays from sun and the changing elements have bleached the essential oils.

When your lot becomes brittle like this, cracks can begin to form, and it is essential to do regularly scheduled sealcoating every 24 months to combat this. At this time, we can also schedule striping for a fresh look and to ensure ADA compliance.

Has it been 1-2 years since your last sealcoating?

Seal and crack seal should already be planned to be performed every 24 months – because in the winter months, serious damage can happen in 24 hours. The focus is on preventative maintenance to combat the cracks and extend the life of your lot.

For us, preventative maintenance is key. The weather we experience over the winter directly affects your parking lot – bear in mind that the freeze/thaw cycle is your public enemy number one. Water seeps in through the cracks, expands in cold temperatures, and creates even more cracks, compromising your ground. Asphalt sealer is the best way to minimize asphalt repair. We’ll help guide you through the necessary steps to preserve your parking lot.

All of this advice is in your own best interest: parking lot maintenance is much more cost effective than parking lot repair. Getting your asphalt sealed by a trusted paving company is truly essential. If you’re going to pay for paving a parking lot, it only makes sense to protect it.

There is always an option to fit any budget. Running a business is hard enough. That’s why we design a preventative maintenance schedule for you to remove the burden of budget and build in the time yourself. We are paving contractors you can trust. Give Maul a call, and let’s find the right lot paving services for you.


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